Invest in the Future.

The FanFlyer team is looking for grassroots support from individuals and teams who want to support our vision of creating a flying machine that changes the future of flight forever.

Investor FAQ

How do I invest in FanFlyer?

If you’re excited about the FanFlyer and want to be a part of the team, contact us to learn more about investment opportunities.

Can I see the progress of the FanFlyer?

Of course! The future of flight is something we want to share with you! For updates and news please visit our Press page and follow our progress on Facebook.

What does the future of Fan Flyer look like?

The future of The FanFlyer and the future of flight looks very promising. Our dreams and aspirations of where and how we can evolve The FanFlyer are as high as the clouds themselves. Keep an eye out for the two-seater, currently in the design process!